December 2018

Do I Get 30 Days Free Coverage on My Auto Insurance?

Understanding your car insurance coverage.   At Reata Insurance, we help many motorists secure auto insurance locally and state-wide. One frequent question we get asked is if auto insurance policy comes with 30 days of free coverage for newly acquired vehicles.  Although your agent will be able to explain everything in greater detail, here’s what you should know to better understand your coverage for your[…]

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Top Habits That Make Central Texas Roads More Dangerous

Have you noticed any of these dangerous driving habits?   In Central Texas, we pride ourselves on having safe roads. Drivers tend to be considerate, patient, and safe. Even so, accidents happen with dangerous driving habits. Despite our cars getting smarter and the fines of dangerous driving getting steeper, some drivers hold on to bad habits that make our roads more dangerous. Researchers[…]

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