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5 Common Renovation Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

By Reata Insurance Group General Comments Off on 5 Common Renovation Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

Renovation mistake that needs to avoid by Reata Insurance Group

Before undertaking a home remodeling project, you should consider the costs and challenges associated with such projects. For instance, according to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of kitchen remodels ranges anywhere between $13,343 and $37,690. Even small scale-renovations such as a bathroom remodel costs about $6, 133, and 15,399 on average. Beyond the significant costs, there is also the tricky part of managing the renovation workforce (architects, designers, and contractors). Thankfully, with proper planning, you can smoothly navigate your renovation project.

Here are 5 common renovation mistakes that you need to avoid.

  1. Rushing the Project
    You’ve probably seen home improvement shows where an entire home is built in a week. However, what plays out on TV is often far from what’s feasible in real life. For your renovation project, you’ll need enough time to plan and execute each step meticulously and to manage unexpected occurrences. Therefore, you should not only set aside enough time for your project, but you should add a cushion to your project’s timeline by including one or two extra weeks. When you’ve set aside adequate time, you can plan your project, assemble your team, and handle emergencies with ease.
  2. Falling for the Temptation of DIY
    Do-It-Yourself (DIY) can be a fantastic way of lowering the cost of your renovation project. Moreover, the fulfillment and pride that you get once you’ve completed a DIY project are unparalleled. However, if your project entails complicated work that requires specialist expertise, such as electrical rewiring, hanging drywall, or installing a roof, you should resist the DIY temptation. Such renovation projects have a lasting effect on your home’s value. Besides, botching a DIY can increase the cost of your project immensely. Besides material wastage, you may be forced to hire professionals to redo it, leading to higher project costs.
  3. Not Addressing the Team Dynamics
    Depending on your renovation project, you may need a designer, architect, contractor, and more. The sooner you get the team together and establish an effective working relationship among the various team members, the more you’ll minimize the chances of problems emerging later.
  4. Exceeding Your Budget
    You should ideally avoid being too ‘cheap’ when undertaking a remodeling project. Otherwise, you may end up with subpar materials and subpar workmanship, which will likely lead to a poorly executed project. However, this does not mean you should work without a budget. In fact, you should set a budget before you start your project. Your budget should account for all costs, including the seemingly insignificant ones such as screws and nails. Additionally, you should have about 30% more funds than the projected cost of the project. If the total cost is too high, you’ll be better off saving up for the remodel than starting your project and being forced to stop it halfway.
  5. Flouting Rules and Regulation
    Before you undertake a renovation project in Texas, you should have a clear understanding of the local rules and regulations regarding your project. Flouting construction regulations out of ignorance or defiance is simply a terrible idea because sooner or later, you’ll pay a heavy price. Besides, in case of an accident, your homeowners insurance policy may not cover it unless you have all the valid permits.

When undertaking a home renovation project, be sure to avoid these five common renovation mistakes. For extra peace of mind, ensure you have adequate home insurance coverage. Your contractor may cover your construction material, but to be protected you may need to increase the dwelling coverage limit when the job is complete. Besides, your insurance needs may change after renovation. At Reata Insurance Group, we can help you find an affordable home insurance policy in Texas that provides you with adequate coverage. We are ready to help you today!

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