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Smart Tips to Prevent Water Backups in Your Home

By Reata Insurance Group Home Insurance Comments Off on Smart Tips to Prevent Water Backups in Your Home

Tips To Prevent Water Backup In Your Home

Water that backs up into your home can cause a variety of problems, including excessive mold and mildew growth. It can also destroy the carpet and furniture. There are several ways to prevent sewer backups and help you keep your home nice and dry. It’s true that some backups may be out of your control, but the following tips can help reduce your risk of damage and will eliminate the problems caused by mold and mildew.

1. Don’t Pour Grease down the Drain

Try to keep grease from going down your drain. Running hot water down the drain may help break up whatever grease is already there, but it won’t solve the problem permanently. When you have grease left in the pan, pour it into a container and wipe the grease and oil out of the pan before putting it in the sink. Using less grease and oil will make for a healthier diet too.

2. Use Less Paper

Too much toilet paper can clog your pipes and force water to back up into the toilet or bathtub. Putting less paper down the toilet allows the water to flow faster and with fewer obstructions. Instead of buying multi-ply paper that can stick together and make clumps, choose one that is thinner and will break down faster. Get in the habit of using less paper and you will notice fewer clogs.

3. Watch for Tree Roots

One of the biggest problems for septic systems and sewer lines is tree roots. The bigger the roots get, the more likely they are to force their way into your pipes. Once the pipes start to break down, water can’t flow through. When the water no longer flows freely, it will begin to backup and eventually make its way back into your home. If you notice tree roots starting to push up through your yard, you may want to have your sewer pipes checked to ensure the roots aren’t damaging them.

4. Direct the Water Away

Always work to keep the water from collecting around your foundation. Clean your gutters and put gutter extensions in place that will direct the water away from your home. Water always follows the path of least resistance. If you find it pooling around your foundation, you may have to create small drainage channels for the water to funnel away from your home. It doesn’t take much to damage your foundation. Keep a close on your gutters and make sure the water has a way out.

These are a few ways in which you can prevent water backups in your home. When looking for homeowners insurance that protects your property, contact the team at Reata Insurance Group. We can help you secure reliable home coverage in Texas that suits your needs and budget.


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