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Are Your Kids Safely Using Social Media? Essential Tips To Prepare Parents and Kids

By Reata Insurance Group Archive Comments Off on Are Your Kids Safely Using Social Media? Essential Tips To Prepare Parents and Kids

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Teaching your kids to be smart about social media.


The internet is not like it was when we were growing up. These days, kids get hooked on social media from a young age. Although social media can entertain, engage, and educate kids, there are many risks associated with children being on social media networks. To help safeguard your child, take a look at these tips.


Respect the age limits

Most social media sites only allow children 13+ to sign up. If you sign up your child before they turn 13, then you could expose them to inappropriate content and you show that it’s okay for them to bend the rules. Stick to the social network’s guide and only sign your child up for an account when they are ready.


Keep open communication

It can be difficult to talk about the dangers of using social media platforms with children. Before a child is allowed any social media account, begin by speaking openly about online predators and cyberbullying. Let them know that they can talk to you at any time if they feel something is wrong.


Use privacy settings

Social media accounts are highly customizable today. When setting up your child’s account, make sure that their account is private and that no one can see their birthday, address, or the school they attend. Talk to them about the importance of only accepting or adding people who they have met in real life.


Spend time together offline!

It might sound obvious but it’s still a crucial bit of advice – spend time offline with your kids. Play board games, go to the park, and bake cookies together. There are thousands of offline activities that the whole family can enjoy.


We hope these tips help you to take an active approach in protecting your child while they are online. For all of your personal and commercial insurance needs, contact your local team at Reata Insurance Group!

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