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Can My Car Color and Model Affect How Often I Get Pulled Over?

By Reata Insurance Group Car Insurance Comments Off on Can My Car Color and Model Affect How Often I Get Pulled Over?

Can My Car Color And Modl Affect How Often I Get Pulled Over

Have you ever wondered if the type of car your drive or its body color increases your likelihood of getting a traffic ticket? Some drivers believe that cars with conspicuous flashy colors like red get easily spotted by police and are pulled over more often than others. Is this true, or does driver behavior carry more weight? Read on to learn more.

What Car Color Attracts Police the Most?

Contrary to popular belief, red-colored cars aren’t the ones that get pulled over the most; white is! So if you get stopped by police while driving a red sedan or truck, it won’t be because of the color.

Some drivers mistakenly believe that car colors that stand out attract traffic police more often than dull or darker ones. White may be conspicuous, but its popularity among car owners is the main reason why the color is associated with the highest number of police interactions on the road. One study found that most cars are white.

Black comes second, grey third, and red a distant 5th.

What about Your Car’s Make and Model?

Some car models get picked out for traffic tickets more often than others. At the top of the list is the Subaru WRX, according to one report. The same study listed the Scion FR-S as the second-most ticketed vehicle. The Volkswagen GTI is third on the list, while the Buick Encore is the least pulled-over car.

Does it mean that it’s official police policy to target these cars that are getting the most tickets? Not really. Instead, these cars are super fast, and most have young owners. Studies show that younger drivers get the most speeding tickets.

Conversely, most of the car models that attract police the least are family-friendly sedans and SUVs. Their drivers are usually more mature and experienced, which is why they don’t get speeding tickets a lot.

What Else Increases Your Probability of Getting Pulled over by Police?

Certain categories of drivers tend to receive more traffic tickets than others. Here are the main factors behind this observation:

  • Your gender:

    Male drivers get more speeding citations than their female counterparts, regardless of age.

  • Your age:

    Police give more speeding tickets to 16-25-year-old drivers.

Both men and young drivers generally drive faster than older and female motorists.

Driver Behavior Is the Most Important Factor

The police don’t target car colors or models when deciding who to stop for a traffic violation. Instead, motorists’ behavior is their main consideration. Some common on-the-road habits that police keep an eye on are:

  • Speeding:

    This is the leading cause of auto accidents, and you can get a ticket for the infraction.

  • Distracted driving:

    Eating, talking on the phone, and texting while behind the wheels are serious traffic infractions. Just like speeding, this behavior puts your life and that of other motorists in danger.

  • Hazardous driving:

    Police give tickets for traffic violations like tailgating, improper shifting of lanes, or running a red light. They constantly monitor roads and will pull over drivers spotted breaching these rules.     

Ultimately, safe driving habits, not your car type or color, help you avoid traffic tickets. Accidents can happen at any time, so it’s important to have the right auto insurance policy. Contact the team at Reata Insurance Group today to discuss your collision, comprehensive, or liability coverage requirements. We’re happy to help you find a customized plan based on your budget!

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