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someone on a phone

Stabilize Your Tech-Life Balance with the Help of These Tips Do you sometimes feel the need to disconnect from your smartphone? We live in a time where everyone is constantly scrolling, watching, texting, commenting, and snapping all day long. But doing so can have a negative impact on our relationships and mental health. Dependency on[…]

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a water hose in a garden

Top tips for drought-tolerant plants for Texas landscapes. It wasn’t that long ago that Texas experienced one of its worst droughts. But sometimes, the worst droughts show us which plants do best during extreme bouts of heat and drought. For many Texan homeowners, finding the right plants for their yard is essential for a low-maintenance,[…]

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a workplace and desk

Prevent OSHA violations that could hurt your business.   Safety is a top factor for most successful businesses. In order to focus on growing a business, it’s necessary to avoid risks, injury, and large financial setbacks. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) release frequently cited safety and health violations every year. What is striking about[…]

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people looking over business documents

Risks your growing business can face and how to mitigate them.   Every business – no matter the sector or service – comes with risk. That’s just the name of the game in business. Although challenges and risks can’t always be avoided, they can be mitigated with proper planning, precautions, and insurance coverage. Many businesses[…]

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