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Insurance and Your College Student

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Does Your College Student Need Insurance?

As the textbooks open and kids head off to college, you, as a parent, may be excited and nervous for your child.  You’ve spent all summer long getting them ready to go or return to college and embark on a truly life-changing experience. Even though you’ve thought of everything from pens to dorm furniture to the latest tech, you may have forgotten the one element that can protect your child – insurance coverage. Before your college kid heads off for the halls, check out the coverages he or she should consider.

Renter’s Insurance. Whether your child is staying in a dorm room or renting an apartment or house, consider getting them their own renters policy which provides not only personal property coverage but also liability. Frisbees hitting sprinklers in a friendly game indoors, can cause a lot of damage. You or your child can be held liable. Renters policies provide both personal property and liability coverage for your college student.

Car Insurance. If your child is taking their car to school, make sure to update the garaging address with your agent.  For students more than 50-100 miles from home without a car, most companies offer a discount.  There are also discounts for college students with an A-B average.

Are you ready to get your college student set up with reliable insurance coverage? Contact the experts at Reata Insurance Group today. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in finding coverage in Texas.

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