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Dispelling Common Breast Cancer Myths This Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By Reata Insurance Group Archive, Lifestyle Comments Off on Dispelling Common Breast Cancer Myths This Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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What you should know in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is a time when communities, organizations, and individuals come together to raise awareness about the terrible illness, and show support for those living with it. Like most health-related topics, there are a fair few misconceptions about the disease. We’d like to take this opportunity to dispel these myths to help you stay properly informed.

Myth: Finding a lump in your breast means you have breast cancer.

Truth: Only a small percentage of breast lumps turn out to be cancer. However, if you discover a persistent lump in your breast or notice any changes in breast tissue, it should never be ignored. See a physician for a clinical breast exam, but know that a lump doesn’t always mean breast cancer.

Myth: Only women get breast cancer.

Truth: Each year, around 2,190 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 410 will die. Even though the percentage is still small compared to female figures, it should be known that breast cancer is not a single-gender issue. Men should check themselves periodically by doing a breast self-exam.

Myth: If you have a family history of breast cancer, you are likely to develop breast cancer.

Truth: Although women who have a family history of breast cancer are in a higher risk group, it doesn’t mean that genes are the major driver behind this disease. In fact, lifestyle can play significant role in developing breast cancer. Women who drink alcohol, are overweight, and consume vast amounts of dairy have a higher risk of developing breast cancer.

We hope that these facts help you to spread awareness about breast cancer this month. While you focus on helping others, save time by allowing our professional team to handle your insurance needs. Contact Reata Insurance Group, serving all of Texas.

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