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Do’s and Don’ts for Filing an Auto Insurance Claims

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Keep these car insurance do’s and don’ts when filing a claim.

Even the most careful of drivers can experience an auto incident. You may have a spotless driving record and a great track history of avoiding accidents but, sometimes,life has other plans. Car insurance claims happen, and when they do your insurer will be there for you. It may seem like a lot but remember you’re not alone. Follow these car insurance do’s and don’ts to set yourself up for success with the insurance claim process.


  • Keep your insurance information handy

When accidents occur – even minor ones – it’s normal to get a little flustered. In these times, looking for your car insurance information is enough to top up the stress levels. To avoid this, make sure you keep your insurance information handy at all times. Keep details saved on your phone and a hard copy in the car.

  • File a police report

If you don’t call the police out to the scene of the crash, be sure to visit or call your nearest police station and report the accident. Usually, a police report is required when filing an auto insurance claim.

  • Take pictures at the scene

While the information is still fresh and everyone has pulled to the side of the road safely, write down everything you can remember about the events. Pull your phone out and take pictures of the vehicles involved, the damage, street signs, and the location of the accident. These pictures help your insurer piece together the timeline of events and understand the extent of damage.


  • Don’t admit fault

Many, if not all policies, caution against admitting fault and doing so could void your claim. It’s best to state the sequence of events as you remember them, without giving an opinion about who is at fault to the police. As much as possible, stay calm and stick to the facts.

  • Don’t wait!

As soon as you can, call your insurer/agent and let them know that you have been involved in a car accident. It’s also smart to start the claims process as soon as possible, especially if you want it processed and released sooner. Your insurance agent will advise you on the next steps to take.

Now you know the basics of what to do (and not do!) when it comes to filing a car insurance claim! Are you in the market for a great, affordable car insurance policy? Contact the team at Reata Insurance Group to get started today.

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