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Drive for a Living? Ensure You Have the Right Insurance

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What you need to know about coverage for TNCs.


Ride-sharing isn’t a new concept, it is when a person who owns their vehicle offers a paid travel service. Modern technology has turned ride-sharing into a multi-billion dollar industry. and is most synonymous with companies like Uber and Lyft. Most ride-sharing services connect drivers and passengers using smartphone technology. There are a lot of reasons to get involved in the ride-sharing business – known as Transport Network Company (TNC) – but be sure you keep your auto insurer in the know.


Does a TNC driver’s personal auto insurance cover ridesharing?

In most cases, no. A standard personal auto policy will not provide coverage for ridesharing. As soon as a driver logs into a TNC ridesharing app, their personal auto insurance stops. In light of this coverage gap, it is worth talking to your insurer about how often you drive for a TNC and what you can do to protect your journeys. Without the right insurance, you leave yourself exposed to risk and danger that can prove costly if an accident were to happen.


How can I get coverage when working for a TNC?

Most insurers will advise you to supplement your auto insurance coverage or take out a commercial auto insurance policy to protect your drive. You will need coverage from the moment you log into a ridesharing app to the moment the customer has exited the car and the transaction is closed.


Auto insurance can help if the worst does happen. When looking for your next policy, turn to the Lone Star locals at Reata Insurance Group. From San Antonio to Beaumont, Amarillo to Houston, we serve Texas motorists with the quality car insurance they need and deserve.

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