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Essential Spring Gardening Tips

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Quick gardening tips for a Texas spring.


It’s so tempting to jump right into the spring season, and although you may be ready with lighter layers and the AC, spare a thought for your garden. If your green thumb is itching, you may first want to consider these Texas spring gardening tips.

Create zones

Not all flowers succeed in the same conditions, which makes planting based on what grows best in your geographical area crucial. It’s also worth noting that some plants will need different types of soil, more frequent watering, and more frequent feeding. Before you plant anything, work out what to plant together based on their optimum blooming conditions.


Prepare the soil

The soil is the foundation of gardening and for healthy plants. If you haven’t gardened previously, your soil will need nutrients. Compost will help add some of those nutrients so you can prepare your land for planting.


Consider drainage

Spring showers can be unpredictable. When planning your garden, make sure it is raised enough to prevent waterlogged plants in the event of heavy rain. You also want to be sure it’s close enough to your faucets that you can access it with the water hose.


Know where there’s shade

Texas is hot! Fortunately, a lot of fruits, vegetables, and plants thrive in full sun. Even so, be mindful of which areas of your yard are shaded so that you can plant accordingly.


Don’t overplant

It’s tempting to plant all seeds at once, but it’s best to start slowly and then build when you have established plants. It can quickly become overwhelming if you have planted all seeds.


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