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Homeowners Insurance Policy: Will It Cover A/C Systems and Swimming Pools?

By Reata Insurance Group Home Insurance Comments Off on Homeowners Insurance Policy: Will It Cover A/C Systems and Swimming Pools?

Homeowners Insurance

Your home is a significant investment. It is your sanctuary, your safe space to relax and unwind. As such, you might end up adding value to the property in the form of an air conditioning (A/C) system or a pool. If you’re considering these, it’s best to check your policy to see if these amenities will be covered if something happens.

Is Your A/C Unit Covered? 

Your air conditioning unit helps control the temperature of your home. As the unit starts to age, it may stop functioning properly. Generally, a home insurance policy does not cover the basic depreciation of your unit. Unless you have a home warranty, you will be forced to handle the repairs out of your own pocket. However, there are a few situations where damage to your A/C unit is covered under your home insurance. You will be reimbursed for the damages, or you can choose a replacement based on the type of policy that you have.

Situations When Your A/C Unit Is Covered by Home Insurance 

  • Inclement Weather 

Your home insurance policy should cover your A/C unit if it is damaged by inclement weather. If bad weather causes a tree to destroy your A/C unit, your policy should cover the damages.  However, if your unit is damaged due to a flood or freezing weather, you’re unlikely to be covered by the basic policy

  • Vandalism 

If someone vandalizes your A/C unit, the damages are covered. You’ll likely have to file a police report before your coverage kicks in.

  • Fire Damage

If an accidental fire starts in your home and damages your A/C, your home insurance policy should cover you. Likewise, you are also covered if a pipe bursts resulting in water damage. It is also a good idea to get a home warranty to supplement your home insurance policy.

When Is Your A/C Unit  Not Covered by Home Insurance? 

Most A/C units are built to function properly for 18 to 20 years. However, the unit will break down due to age at some point. Proper maintenance is important. Your home insurance will not cover you if you don’t perform regular maintenance on your unit or if you purposely damage the system. In most cases, your home warranty will not cover negligence either. Most standalone units aren’t covered unless you purchase separate appliances coverage. If you have home insurance, any repairs that are necessary as a result of a disaster are generally covered.

Home Warranty Claims for A/C Units

Look at your home warranty to see what is covered. Check your coverage limits to have a clear understanding of how to save money and reduce financial strain. Contact your home warranty company and request a service visit. Once the contractor checks your unit, pay the service fee. Generally, the home warranty company will attempt to fix your unit before asking you to purchase a new one.

Home Insurance Claims for A/C Units

Look at your home insurance policy to see what is covered. Once you are ready to file a claim, take pictures of the damaged unit and obtain a copy of the police report if necessary. Contact your insurance provider to schedule an appointment with the insurance adjuster. Document all of your receipts regarding the repairs. Be sure to include the unit’s model and serial number. Once you have everything documented, submit your receipts for reimbursement to your provider. Each claims process is unique, so you may have to provide additional information.

Is Your Swimming Pool Covered? 

Swimming pools are a fun addition to your home. However, you have to make sure that you are protected because swimming pools are seen as high-risk assets. Whether you are installing an in-ground pool or an above-ground pool, you may need  to amend your home insurance policy to cover the structure.

How is a Swimming Pool Covered under insurance?

Pool insurance primarily isliability coverage to protect you if someone gets injured while using your pool. Liability coverage takes care of potential medical bills and legal fees. Most policies do not cover pool equipment or pipes to the pool.

Umbrella Coverage 

You should also consider adding umbrella coverage if you own a  pool. Your swimming pool is a high-risk asset compared to other parts of your home. If someone suffers a serious injury while using your pool, umbrella insurance can prevent you from having to cover any medical expenses out of pocket once they exceed your policy limit. Make sure that you adhere to local laws and have the proper safety measures in place to prevent  accidents.

Maintain Your Pool

If your pool is damaged as a result of your neglect, such damages will not be covered by homeowners insurance.

It’s important to be proactive with your insurance policy When looking for homeowners insurance that protects your property, contact the team at Reata Insurance Group. We can help you secure reliable home coverage in Texas that suits your needs and budget.

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