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How Having a Pet Can Help Your Mental Health

By Reata Insurance Group Archive Comments Off on How Having a Pet Can Help Your Mental Health

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For most of us, pets are part of the family. They make great companions and keep us happy. But did you know that they can also help to ward off depression and anxiety? It turns out our four-legged friends are much more than just a good friend.


Animals reduce stress.

Everyone feels stress from time to time. Research shows that spending time with pets can reduce our blood pressure and make us feel calmer. Children can also find anxiety relief in pets because they are so accepting and loving.


Pets provide companionship.

Animals can be affectionate, accepting, loyal, honest, and consistent. They help us to feel wanted and needed, giving us a sense of purpose. The act of caretaking for another living being gives us meaning, and provides us enjoyment when we see that they are happy and healthy.


They increase our sense of self-esteem and well-being.

Having a pet can help us to feel less lonely, less fearful, more conscientious, and more extroverted. Studies have shown that pet owners are happier, healthier, and better adjusted than non-owners. This is because pets live in the moment and accept us for who we are.


We hope that you find the right pet that you can connect with. Be sure to look at your local animal shelter for assistance in finding your perfect match. For all of your personal and commercial insurance needs, contact your local team at Reata Insurance Group.

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