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How You Accidentally Void Your Car Insurance

By Reata Insurance Group Archive Comments Off on How You Accidentally Void Your Car Insurance

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Simple errors you could be making that invalidate your auto insurance.

Once you’ve bought your auto insurance policy, it’s easy to tuck the policy document away in a drawer and forget about it for another year. But it could also mean forgetting that the policy will have exclusions and clauses – meaning you could find yourself driving without valid insurance at some point. These common errors could invalidate your auto insurance.

  • Taking up ridesharing

In this age of Uber and Lyft, ridesharing is a popular mode of transportation for many. It’s also an easy way to earn a little extra money. If you start driving for Uber or another ridesharing company, remember that your personal auto insurance may not cover you while you are, technically, “working.” In order to have coverage on the road while ridesharing, you may need to take out a commercial auto insurance policy.

  • Lying on the application

Some drivers seek insurance and make up a variety of lies about their car to their insurance company, mispresenting the number of miles their car has, its make, model, and how many people drive it. Although these may seem like “white lies,” if you’re caught, you could lose your entire policy – and that is much more expensive than the small amount of money you have likely saved from the lies themselves.

  • Modifying your vehicle

Those massive rims may be sweet and that spoiler ramps up your car, but your insurance company may not feel the same way. In many cases, modifications done without consulting your insurance company could lead them to deny you coverage if you get into an accident, especially if they feel that the changes increased the riskiness of the vehicle.

If you are unsure of what your auto insurance covers or the clauses within your policy, please contact your agent. Knowing the ins and outs of your policy can help you to understand where you are – and are not – covered.

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