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The Insurance Your College Kid Needs!

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The Insurance Your College Kid Needs!

Now that your student is bound for college, ensure that they are fully protected.

If your child is college-bound, insurance may not be an obvious concern – although, it should be. Once they go to college, the students’ health, auto, and property insurance need changes and updates to keep them safe away from home.

You can start by contacting your insurance professional to find out how much coverage your homeowners or renters insurance policy will provide for your child’s personal possessions if they are living in a dormitory. If they are living off-campus, then you can look into purchasing a renter insurance policy.

Always make a college inventory list so that you and your student know exactly what items they’re taking with them, along with the value of their possessions. In the event of a fire, natural disaster, or theft in the dorm, making a claim for lost or damaged items will be that much easier. Also, find out how your liability extends to your child.

If your college kids own jewelry, expensive sports equipment, or music instruments, the policy may be subject to dollar limits. For these items, they may need additional coverage to protect their equipment and instruments, or they may want to leave expensive jewelry at home or store it in a safe deposit box.

If your student has been driving the family car and will now be away at college, let your insurance company know, as you may be eligible for a discount on your auto insurance. If your college student maintains a good grade point average at their school, then a Good Student Discount could save you money on your premium.

Talk to the professionals at Reata Insurance Group to secure the right policies for your studying student!

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