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How to Keep Your Children’s Minds Engaged During Summer Break

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How to Keep Your Children’s Minds Engaged During Summer Break

Creative ways to keep children learning over summer vacation.

Now that summer has arrived, you may be looking for ways to keep your kids learning while having fun. Summer break doesn’t mean that learning must stop. Summer provides ample opportunities to broaden young minds. From family trips to museums, new literature, and fun home experiments, here are some fun ways to keep your child’s mind engaged during summer break.

Discover the great outdoors

Encourage children to move from the sofa with a trip to your local park or recreation ground. Engage younger children in a scavenger hunt where they must spot certain plants, leaves, and wildlife creatures. Teenagers can explore the great outdoors by using a mobile device to find hidden items and brush up on their navigational skills.

Conduct some DIY experiments

Science doesn’t have to be boring. There are some easy and fun chemistry activities that you can do in your own back yard. Create your own “exploding lunch bag”. For this, you’ll need a small sandwich bag, baking soda, warm water, vinegar, a measuring cup, and a tissue. The baking soda and vinegar mix creates a reaction and, eventually, things go pop.

Read and write

Literacy skills can dip over the summer, but you can keep your children up to speed by simply stocking up on good books. Take your child to your local library and let them pick out a couple of interesting books that catch their eye. In addition, encourage your child to write postcards to friends and family when on vacation to keep up with their writing skills.

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