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How to Motivate Your Kids to Do Their Homework

By Reata Insurance Group General Comments Off on How to Motivate Your Kids to Do Their Homework

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Most parents today have trouble motivating their kids to do their homework. Homework is a necessary part of schooling and although you may see the many benefits of it, your child may not. That leads to a power struggle where they avoid doing their homework by any means necessary. To help you motivate your children to do their homework as painlessly and as successfully as possible, read on.

Dedicate a space

Your child should have an area where he or she can sit to do their homework in peace. This area should be well-lit, comfortable, and away from distractions such as the TV. Whether you set up the dining room table or get a desk for their bedroom, first decide (together) where the homework station will be.

Set a schedule

Work out with your child the best time to complete homework. This could be straight after school while the content is still fresh in their minds, after dinner, or before they go to a social club. Generally, the sooner the better. Even if homework isn’t due for some days, it’s worth getting into the habit of doing homework when it’s set so that your children do not fall behind if they forget. Having a consistent schedule will eliminate the debate of when they should do it each night.

Reward and recognize

When your child gets straight to homework, recognize that they are trying. Reward them when they do well, and provide assistance when they are struggling. Even if they may not ask for help, be on hand to support them.

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