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Security Features to Add to Your Home

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Safety Features to Add to Your Home

Improve the security of your property with these additional safety features.

As a homeowner, you do a lot to protect your property. It houses your valuables, your loved ones, and it’s a place where fond memories are made. If we’re purposely pursuing a safe home for our family and assets, what are some of the things that should be in place? Safety doesn’t start and end with a locked door (although that is incredibly important, too!). Here are some safety and security features your home should have.

Water Sensors

Although it’s more of a product than a feature, smart water sensors are perhaps the most useful smart home devices you could have. Water leaks can cause thousands of dollars worth of water damage, especially when many water leaks go undetected. Installing water sensors around the house means that you get notified the instant a water leak is detected.

Security Cameras

Unfortunately, a break-in can happen to anyone at any time. You can deter thieves by installing security cameras around the property. This way, if a break-in does occur, you also have the intruders on camera, meaning you have a better chance of catching them and getting your belongings back. With all the advancement in technology there is a camera package for all budgets.

Motion-Detection Lights

Light up your property to make it safer. Thieves are less likely to approach houses that are lit up, especially when they approach the house and their motion triggers bright lights to turn on. Solar-powered, hardwired, and battery-powered lights are all options. 

Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

Photoelectric alarms detect smoldering fires faster than ionized smoke alarms. A photoelectric smoke alarm uses a light beam to help detect the presence of smoke in the household. This type of detector also means fewer false alarms.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Carbon Monoxide detectors should be installed to detect the colorless, odorless gas produced from heaters, fireplaces, furnaces, and other appliances.

Smart Lock

Smart technology is no longer limited to Star Trek! Neat gadgets are already on the market and can actively help you protect your property. One great way to update your home’s safety is to install smart locks that are connected to your phone by Bluetooth. These locks track the comings and goings of all people from the house and can be unlocked and locked by the touch of a button. That means when you’re at work and can’t remember if you locked the door, you can pick up your phone and lock it from the office!

Keeping the home and, more importantly, the people inside safe is everyone’s priority. A few preventative measures and prep work can go a long way in protecting what you hold dear. Don’t wait for a disaster to find out your home insurance coverage is lacking. For assistance with your policy, contact Reata Insurance Group today!


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