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Top Sleep Myths to Should Stop Believing

By Reata Insurance Group Lifestyle Comments Off on Top Sleep Myths to Should Stop Believing

sleep myths

There is endless information out there about why sleep is so important to our overall health and wellbeing. While we all know that getting the most out of our shut-eye is essential, it’s hard to know what’s really true and what’s just hearsay. Take a look at these common misconceptions you need to stop believing about sleep, and how you can actually reap the benefits of a good night’s rest.


Myth: I can train my body to get used to less sleep

Decades of research show that hormone levels, brainpower, mood, immune function, and appetite regulation all tank with regular sleep deprivation. As a result, the less sleep you get, the greater your risk of getting into accidents and developing chronic health conditions. Sleep is vital to your overall health and fitness – so carve out enough time to get plenty of it.


Myth: If I don’t get enough sleep, I can run on caffeine

Some of us cannot function in the mornings without coffee. However, a great cup of joe isn’t a replacement for quality sleep. Dial down your caffeine consumption to 400mg a day or about four eight-ounce cups, max. Cut yourself off six hours before bedtime to avoid keeping yourself up. If you’re low on sleep, resist the urge to pound the coffee. Instead, have an early night.


Myth: Sleeping in on the weekend helps me “catch up” on missed sleep throughout the week

If makes sense in theory, but it’s not the reality. Sleeping too much can throw off your sleep for the next day, and our bodies don’t “catch up” on sleep through a couple of long periods of rest. Instead, it’s better to get a consistent 7 – 9 hours of sleep every night.


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