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Tips to Achieve Tech-Life Balance

By Reata Insurance Group Archive Comments Off on Tips to Achieve Tech-Life Balance

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Stabilize Your Tech-Life Balance with the Help of These Tips

Do you sometimes feel the need to disconnect from your smartphone? We live in a time where everyone is constantly scrolling, watching, texting, commenting, and snapping all day long. But doing so can have a negative impact on our relationships and mental health. Dependency on our technology has become a growing theme in past years. Technology is capable of making our day-to-day lives easy, but it is also necessary to find a tech-life balance so that tech doesn’t control our lives. Here are a few ways to unplug so that you can connect with others.

Limit your notifications

We all want to know what’s going on and keep up with our chat groups, but you can do this once or twice throughout the day rather than constantly checking and replying to messages. Turn off push notifications and alerts so you won’t be tempted by the excess beeps and tweets. In turn, this can help to cut back on your social media screen time.

Take advantage of Do Not Disturb

Your phone will have a Do Not Disturb function that means you won’t receive any alerts. If you need to take a mental break throughout the day, try turning on this feature. You can set expectations if you’re waiting for an important call.

Unplug before bed

Have you ever stayed up past your desired bedtime because you lost track of time while using your phone? Get better rest by removing your phone from the bedroom and turning it off at least half an hour before going to sleep.

Switch off mobile data

When you’re away from home or the office, try switching off cellular data on your phone. While conserving data and money, this will also make it harder to use your phone when you’re out and about. Without data, you’ll be less tempted to scroll and, instead, talk to people around you.

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