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Top 15 Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

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a christmas tree with decorations

Enjoy decorating safety with these tips in hand.


The holidays are a wonderful time of the year. Families take part in beloved holiday traditions, houses are transformed with sparkling lights, and festive decorations fill our homes, offices, and malls. But all that decorating poses a few safety hazards that homeowners often overlook. Keep your home and family merry and bright by using these safety tips.



  1. Make sure you use indoor lights inside and outdoor lights outside – it sounds simple, but it is important.
  2. Check all bulbs to see if any of them are burnt out or have frayed wires.
  3. When hanging lights in tall spots, have someone hold the ladder for you.
  4. Avoid overloading sockets with plugs.
  5. Don’t run extension cords under doorways, carpets, or furniture because it can become a fire hazard.
  6. Turn off the lights before you go to bed or leave the house.

Christmas Trees

  1. If you’re getting a fresh tree, leave it to stand in a bucket of water outside for 24 hours before bringing it inside. Keep watering the tree even when it’s inside.
  2. If opting for an artificial tree, make sure it has a fire-resistant label.
  3. Keep the tree away from doorways and busy areas of the home.
  4. Place it away from heat sources.
  5. Avoid using breakable, small, and sharp decorations that pets and children can reach.
  6. Discard your live tree as soon as the holiday is over.



  1. Keep poinsettias away from children. Although they are not poisonous to humans, they can cause stomach upset.
  2. Poinsettias are dangerous for pets. Keep this plant well away from pets or opt for an artificial plant.
  3. Secure dangling mistletoe properly so there’s no chance of it falling to the ground where a curious pet or child could find it.


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