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Top Crime Prevention Tips for Every Small Business

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Helpful crime prevention strategies to follow.  

As a business owner, keeping your company safe is imperative. You’ve worked hard to raise it off the ground and turn into success, so why not protect your investment and livelihood? Having insurance helps with your business’s risk factors, but businesses can do more to prevent falling victim to crime. Read on for some helpful crime prevention tips for businesses of all sizes.

  • Maintain a clean building so that it doesn’t become a target of vandalism
  • Secure exterior door hinge pins and use deadbolts on all doors
  • Install security cameras to deter vandals and robbers
  • Install an alarm system that is monitored offsite
  • Keep front doors and windows clear of posters to allow for two-way visibility
  • Install motion-activated lighting that is left on throughout the night
  • Plant spikey shrubs and plants near windows and doors to deter vandals and thieves
  • Leave a light on inside the building overnight
  • Be alert for customers who enter without a clear purpose
  • Never leave valuables visible from the outside

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