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Top Habits That Make Central Texas Roads More Dangerous

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Top Habits That Make Central Texas Roads More Dangerous

Have you noticed any of these dangerous driving habits?  

In Central Texas, we pride ourselves on having safe roads. Drivers tend to be considerate, patient, and safe. Even so, accidents happen with dangerous driving habits. Despite our cars getting smarter and the fines of dangerous driving getting steeper, some drivers hold on to bad habits that make our roads more dangerous. Researchers collected information to determine dangerous habits and opinions that are present on today’s roads in central Texas. Here’s what they found. 

Experts say that although most drivers understand the basic dangers and risks on roadways, they do not take the proper steps to make their own driving habits safer. After all, you never expect the worst to happen to yourself, right? As a result, many don’t change their habits to stay safe on the roads. This is true among drivers who admit to driving distracted. Many motorists believe that they can safely manage distractions such as using a cell phone while behind the wheel. According to research, here are some of the top dangerous habits of American drivers: 

  • Sending a text message while driving 
  • Drinking three alcoholic beverages before getting behind the wheel 
  • Checking social media notifications 
  • Driving after fewer than four hours of sleep 
  • Relying on technology in the car to stay safe 
  • Using marijuana before driving 

Fortunately, driving safely is incredibly easy. Avoiding distractions, not driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol and practicing cautious driving habits is key to staying safe on the roads. To help protect your journey, Reata Insurance can offer you quality auto insurance that suits your vehicle, lifestyle, and budget. Talk to our local team in Lakeway today for information on how to get started.  

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