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Understanding the Power of Positivity and Gratitude During COVID-19

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power of positivism during pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic shuttered dreams for many in 2020. Millions of people lost jobs or closed businesses. If the crisis has affected you in any negative way, it’s understandable you’re feeling a bit down or overwhelmed. However, when you take a closer look at what you have gained or accomplished so far, you may realize there’s a lot to be grateful for, despite the many challenges you’re experiencing. In fact, you can reap many benefits in your life by focusing on positive aspects during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read on to understand the power of optimism during this pandemic and how it can increase your happiness.

Practice Contentment in the Present Moment

It’s difficult to feel contentment when you’re not also feeling thankful. Gratitude starts with developing a deep-rooted sense of accepting who and where you are today.

It entails focusing on the richness and fullness of life instead of the minor inconveniences that interrupt your progress from time to time. Maybe COVID-19-related restrictions or challenges are hindering your business expansion or career progression. This will likely end in disappointment if you pin your sense of satisfaction and contentment on achieving only those goals.

The main idea is to find joy in what you have right now, whether or not you achieve your future aspirations. This doesn’t mean that achieving your desires, such as driving a high-end car, traveling to exclusive resort locations, or getting a pay raise, can’t give you contentment. The problem occurs when you yearn for something but can’t get it, no matter the time and effort you put into pursuing it. You end up feeling disappointed and sad because you pinned your happiness and contentment on something you couldn’t achieve.

Therefore, to find contentment and lasting happiness, you must first be grateful for what you already have. This way, it may not matter if you don’t buy your dream home, get a promotion, or find the perfect soul mate. You’ll be drawing your contentment from the present moment, not the future.

How to Express Gratitude for What You Already Have

Studies indicate you could feel 25% happier if you start ignoring negativity and focusing on feeling grateful for the good things in your life. To realize the full power of positivism during this ongoing pandemic, you can start by creating a list of the things you are grateful for and that make you happy in your life.

Think about simple things like happy moments during dinner with your family, the tranquility of your neighborhood, or even the fact you’re successfully making ends meet during the COVID-19 crisis. These items may seem small, but they are also what makes your life full and rich today.

Once you’ve identified important places, things, moments, or people you may have taken for granted, reflect on your appreciation for each item on your list. Take into account where you’d be today without a supportive family, that cheerful friend, or the next-door neighbor who always checks on you. What about that job you managed to keep despite having to take a pay cut or your good health despite the persistent COVID-19 infection threat?

When you meditate on the impact of the positive things around you, you may discover that your life would probably be miserable and empty without them. Therefore, always count your blessings and never let loss, missed sales targets, or shuttered dreams control your gratitude, contentment, and happiness levels.

Greater joy and wellness are some of the main benefits you can gain by being grateful for what you have today despite the pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic. As you maintain a positive attitude about the present, be sure to secure your business’ future with insurance. For all of your personal and commercial insurance needs, contact your local team at Reata Insurance Group today. We can help you secure reliable coverage in Texas that suits your needs and budget.

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