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Winter Driving Dangers – And How to Avoid Them

By Reata Insurance Group Archive Comments Off on Winter Driving Dangers – And How to Avoid Them

car driving in the dark

How to stay safe while driving on winter roads.


The winter is here, and that means motorists must contend with cold weather and adverse driving conditions. Although Texas isn’t known for its ice and snow, the winter can still bring some challenges for road users. Below we’ve listed a few common winter driving hazards and provided some pointers on how to tackle them so you can stay as safe as possible on winter roads.


Black Ice

Black ice is where a transparent coating of ice sits on the surface of the road. It’s considered one of the most dangerous winter driving hazards, both for pedestrians and drivers. Black ice is common early in the morning on bridges, underpasses, and in areas surrounded by trees. Your best bet to staying safe when driving over black ice is to go slow. Release the brakes to avoid skidding and avoid making sudden movements with the wheel.



In the winter, the visibility on the roads gets worse. The shorter days and inclement weather can make rush hour even trickier in the dark – but these tips can help. It’s important to see clearly and to be seen. Make sure your headlights are working, have been cleaned, and replace the bulbs if necessary. Take a look at your wiper blades, too. If they are not clearing your windshield effectively, it’s time to replace them.



You may think that winter is a time when people hunker down. Yet, there are parties to attend, presents to find, and feasts to purchase. While major and high-speed accidents are less likely on congested roads, low-speed accidents are all too common when the roads are busy. It’s easy to lose concentration or make silly mistakes at the wheel.


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