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The Workers’ Compensation Policy: What Does It Cover?

By Reata Insurance Group Business Comments Off on The Workers’ Compensation Policy: What Does It Cover?

The Workers’ Compensation Policy: What Does It Cover?

Workers’ compensation is a policy that can save your business from going under by protecting your employees.

Workers’ compensation can cover the expenses that follow an employee’s work-related injury or illness. This includes immediate expenses such as a quick ride to the emergency room, and more long-term expenses like physical therapy and rehabilitation or missed wages. And, should the employee decide to sue, it covers your legal fees associated with that lawsuit. Here are the things that workers’ compensation can cover if you have the right policy to cover your needs.

  1. Immediate Injury/Illness – It is in your best interest to prevent any and all dangers in your business, but humans are creatures of trial and error, and accidents are bound to happen. Workers’ comp can cover immediate expenses like ER visits, ambulance rides, and other medical bills. (This is all up to the covered limit.)
  2. Physical Therapy/Rehab – If the damage done to your employee is extensive and requires physical therapy, workers’ compensation can cover these costs, too.
  3. Missed Wages – The extensive damages your employee received could mean they are out for several days, weeks, or even months. And without their paycheck, it could force a difficult situation upon them. Workers’ comp covers the missed wages while your employee recovers.
  4. Legal Costs – An employee is within their right to press charges if they believe that your negligence was directly related to the accident. (It doesn’t take much influence from a lawyer to convince them of such a correlation.) Workers’ compensation can help cover the costs of the associated lawsuit. Note: An “exclusive remedy” could help you out. Upon signing and accepting the terms of workers’ compensation, the employee surrenders their right to sue.

The right workers’ compensation policy with Reata Insurance Group can help you get the coverage you and your employees need. Contact us for the best rates and for all of your insurance needs.

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