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A Complete Checklist for a Tidy Home in Fall

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Complete Checklist For A Tidy Home In Fall

Fall is the time of the year that marks the end of summer. It is known for cooler temperatures, littered leaves, and more indoor activities. Consequently, these indoor activities come with more dirt and dust.

No matter the size of your home, tidying it can be very tasking. However, cleaning is easier with the tasks divided into bits. Below are tips on how to clean different parts of your home during the fall.

Simple kitchen cleaning tips

More dirt is generated in the kitchen at this time. Besides the grime from indoor cooking, there is also dirt from muddy shoe prints on the floor. All this can result in your kitchen becoming unclean and unhygenic. Notwithstanding, the kitchen can be remedied if you take a few minutes after dinner to make it look clean again by doing the following.

  • Clean out your stove and grill
  • Clean your oven and microwave
  • Gather the leftovers from the counter
  • Wipe the counters to remove grease and stains
  • Sweep the floor and gather off crumbs
  • Scrub the sink to remove stains
  • Take out the trash

Easy bathroom cleaning tips

The bathroom is another part of the house that always demands cleaning regardless of the season. It has more white to off-white surfaces that require daily cleaning to prevent permanent discolorations. You can keep your bathroom sparkling by following a daily routine of

  • Wiping the counters
  • Scrubbing the shower walls while showering
  • Changing or refreshing your hand towels
  • Cleaning out the bathroom sink
  • Scrubbing your toilet with a toilet brush to remove stains
  • Scrubbing your bathroom floor and mopping it out.
  • Using a stain remover and a disinfectant

Practical living room cleaning tips

In the absence of more outdoor activities, the living room is the most frequented part of the house during fall. With the cooler temperature, it makes perfect sense to cuddle up around the fireplace for warmth – and probably see a movie, and as a tradition, with movies comes popcorn-eating or perhaps indulging in some other snack. This can result in more spills and stains on these areas. Take a few minutes each day after every family moment to tidy up your living room with these few tips

  • Tidy up the clutter
  • Arrange the pillows and cushions
  • Wipe off spots and spills from surfaces
  • Wipe greasy fingerprints from surfaces and screens
  • Vacuum your upholstery after sprinkling it with some baking soda to remove musty smells
  • Reorganize your upholsteries

Useful bedroom cleaning tips

With the cooler weather during fall, you are likely to spend most of your indoor time in bed, trying to get warm under layers of covers.  Since you will stay more in bed, you need to have a cleaning plan for your bedroom. Below are a few.

  • Wash your bedsheets and covers weekly
  • Vacuum your mattress regularly
  • Vacuum your bedroom floor to remove muddy shoeprints
  • Steam mop spot on hard floor surfaces
  • Wipe large surfaces to remove accumulated dust
  • Remove cobwebs from corners
  • Clean your baseboards
  • Dust your ceiling fan blades

Handy outdoor cleaning tips

The exterior of your home also needs cleaning to remove littered dried leaves from your lawn. While at that, there are other routine cleaning activities to be observed as well, like;

  • Washing your windows, slidings, and screens
  • Removing dried leaves and debris from your roof gutter to prevent water damage
  • Gathering littered leaves together
  • Cleaning out your chimney as recommended by the national fire protection association
  • Cleaning your patio and storing away or covering the chairs
  • Power-washing your deck to remove muddy prints and tough stains

Keeping your home safe, clean, and fall-ready can be easier if you follow these tips. Another necessary step to protect your home would be to buy adequate insurance coverage for your home. We at Reata Insurance are here to help you protect your home. Our insurance experts are always available to provide you with the right coverage for your home. Contact us today to learn more!

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