Whether you own a newly-built property, apartment or condo, make sure to protect it with reliable home insurance in Texas.

You have a beautiful home in Texas. It is where your family grows, you store your beloved possessions, and fond memories are made. Why give such a precious property anything less than adequate protection? Your house needs reliable home insurance in Texas in order to protect your property, possessions, and pocket.

Whether you rent or own your home, the team at Reata Insurance Group can help you protect your investment. We create custom policies from the roof down – and in Texas, you know just how important a roof can be. You also know that Texas faces windstorms, hail, and fires that can affect homeowners and their properties. Make sure you are ready for the unexpected with reliable coverage for your house.

We also offer additional cover:

  1. Replacement Cost
  2. Medical Payments
  3. Jewelry
  4. Deductible Options

From Dallas to San Antonio, Beaumont to El Paso, our qualified team of insurance experts work with residents in Texas to find, secure, and maintain quality insurance policies. Are you ready to get started on your home insurance in Texas? Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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Homeowners Insurance Coverage

A standard homeowners insurance policy includes four essential types of coverage. They include:

  1. Coverage for the structure of your home
  2. Coverage for your personal belongings
  3. Liability protection
  4. Additional living expenses

At Reata Insurance Group, we address all of these coverages and make sure that we find the right policy to suits your property. We offer the following coverages:

  1. Dwelling and Additional Structures –For the cost of rebuilding or repairing your home and other structures such as your shed or garage after a covered peril.
  2. Contents Coverage –This protects your personal property from damage and theft. If you do suffer a loss of belongings because of a peril included in your policy, your coverage will help to repair or replace the affected items.
  3. Personal Liability –This helps when someone is injured or their belongings are damaged while they are on your property. This coverage will help to pay for their medical expenses and resulting legal fees if you are found to be at fault.
  4. Loss of Use –This coverage helps you in the event you must live somewhere else temporarily because your home was damaged by an insured disaster.

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