Secure convenient and comprehensive coverage for your company with the right business insurance in Texas.

Whether you own a start-up, small company or a large and thriving business, you should aim to protect it as best you can. Business owners should know that no company is immune to risk and damage. No matter the industry, size or location, you should secure business insurance in Texas to adequately safeguard your investment. Fortunately, the team at Reata Insurance Group are here to help.

Reata Insurance Group knows that in Texas there are many unique insurance needs. We also know that your business takes enough of your time as it is. That’s why we provide easy, quick, and affordable solutions for all of your business insurance needs. We aim to keep your company safeguarded against Texas natural disasters, accidents, injury, and more.

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Business Insurance Coverage

We offer a wide range of business insurance to suit each individual business owner. Below are some of the standard coverage you should consider.

  1. General Liability Insurance –This provides broad coverage for your business and activities. If someone gets injured or their property is damaged while on your business premises, this insurance can kick in to cover their medical costs and arising legal fees if they decide to sue you for negligence.
  2. Commercial Property Insurance –Your business’s building should be protected, no matter if you own it or lease it. Safeguard it from accidents such as fire, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters with this coverage.
  3. Business Auto Insurance –If your business uses vehicles and is often on the move, make sure to secure specific commercial auto insurance as you cannot rely on your personal car insurance to cover business-related car accidents.
  4. Workers’ Compensation Insurance –This covers lost wages and medical expenses if an employee gets injured while on the job. It also a death benefit to the surviving family members if there is an on-the-job employee death.

We make sure to tailor coverage for every business, which is why we offer additional coverage, including:

  1. Professional Liability
  2. Directors & Officers Liability
  3. Inland Marine & Property
  4. Excess Liability
  5. And More

No matter how large or small your business may be, our insurance experts are committed to providing you with top business insurance in Texas to meet your needs. Contact us to get started on your tailored policy!


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