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Common OSHA Safety Violations in the Workplace

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Prevent OSHA violations that could hurt your business.  

Safety is a top factor for most successful businesses. In order to focus on growing a business, it’s necessary to avoid risks, injury, and large financial setbacks. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) release frequently cited safety and health violations every year. What is striking about their reports is how little has changed from previous versions of the report. Time and time again, the same hazards present themselves in businesses, and business owners fail to properly address these issues and reduce risk. To prevent your business from falling victim to common OSHA violations, read on.

Preventing Common OSHA Violations

  • Eye and Face Protection

The OSHA found that workers are not always wearing the necessary personal protective equipment to protect their eyes and face from flying particles, chemicals, gases, or dangerous light. Although office workers may not have to worry about this, it’s essential to provide standard safety equipment that is necessary for each job role.

  • Ladders

Whether your team spends all day on ladders and roofs or just a few minutes on a ladder to reach new stock, ladder safety is imperative. The most common hazards are associated with employees failing to use portable ladders in accordance with their specifications. Make sure all employees know the proper way to climb and use a ladder.

  • Fall Protection

Falls can happen in any business, at any time. Lack of fall protection continues to be the top OSHA-reported violation, especially in the construction industry. Fall protection must be provided depending on the height or potential danger to the employee.

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