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Do I Need to Take a Home Inventory?

By Reata Insurance Group Archive, Home Insurance Comments Off on Do I Need to Take a Home Inventory?

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Why taking inventory of your home is essential.  

Most people who own a home know how important it is to have insurance. However, homeowners often forget the importance of documenting and keeping an inventory of the valuable items in their home. Having an inventory on hand helps if you need to file a homeowners insurance claim. A list of all of your belongings and their value can be sent to the insurer to show what you have lost in the fire, theft or claim in general.

Your home inventory checklist:

  • Ensure you go through every room in your home including the basement, garage, attic, and storage areas.
  • Make sure to document all valuable items including your jewelry, artwork, collectibles, electronics, clothing, and furniture.
  • Your list should include written documentation photos or videos of the valuables.
  • Include the name of each item, brand, manufacturer, cost, serial number, date of purchase, and any identifying features.
  • Store receipts with your inventory, if possible.
  • Include appraisals of valuable items, too.

I’ve completed my home inventory. Now what?

The hardest part is over once you finish the initial home inventory! From now on, you will have to regularly update it to ensure that it accurately reflects your belongings. If you sell or donate anything, remember to go back to your inventory to remove the item(s). If you purchase anything, keep the receipt and add the new possession to your home inventory.

Keep your home inventory list safe from theft and fire by storing it in a safe place, such as a safety deposit box. For added safety, email yourself a digital copy!

Have more questions about your homeowners insurance policy? Contact the team at Reata Insurance Group. We can help you secure reliable home coverage in Texas that suits your needs and budget.

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