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Tricks to Keep Your Data Safe for National Cyber Security Awareness Month

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Tricks to Keep Your Data Safe for National Cyber Security Awareness Month

How to keep your business’s data safe from hackers.

A security breach is a business owner’s worst nightmare, particularly if it results in important information getting into the wrong hands. Data is the lifeblood of your business, from sensitive client information, sales orders, business plans, financial records, employee details, emails, and more. October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and we’ve rounded up some tips to help your local business keep cyber breaches at bay.

Understand the Risks

Be aware of the risks your business data faces. This includes:

  • Human error
  • Hardware and software failure
  • Malware, spyware, and viruses
  • Exposure in stolen devices
  • Theft, sabotage or disclosure

Create Strong Passwords

This advice may seem old and repetitive, but it’s still as crucial as ever. Accounts have been cracked simply because of one weak password. Make sure everyone uses strong passwords (consisting of numbers, upper and lower case letters, symbols, and more than ten characters). Also, teach your team never to write down passwords or use the same one across different accounts. Remember to change passwords with the seasons, too!

Control Data Use

Who can access important information in your business? Employees should be limited to only access the data they need to do their jobs, nothing more. This helps to minimize the chances of deleting, copying, or transferring data whether by human error or malicious intent.

Encrypt Files

You can keep data safe by encrypting files through zip files, passwords, and encryption software. Even if your data does end up in the wrong person’s hands, the encryption will prevent the information from being compromised.

Train Your Staff

Make sure that your staff knows how to safely download files, spot malicious websites, phishing emails, and remain vigilant when handling data. Human error is a major cause of data breaches, and this can be prevented quite easily.

Talk to your agent about the ways in which coverage can help keep your company thriving. From cyber liability insurance to business interruption insurance, contact the professionals at Reata Insurance Group.  We are ready to help you today!

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